Who we are

What we believe

We believe all companies, regardless of industry or scale, need access to cutting edge data science solutions.

We believe in reducing costs with open source tools and frameworks.

We believe it's your data, not ours.

We believe in helping you find not only answers, but new questions.

Our Team

Christopher Mehfoud, Lead Scientist

Lead Scientist

Christopher Mehfoud

As a native of Richmond, Virginia, Christopher has been working in analytics for the last decade; in areas including but not limited to, IT, pharmaceuticals, finance, and sports. Along with recent stints at Capital One and Richmond Analytics, he also enjoys working on side projects and competitions related to data. He is a graduate of Virginia Tech with degrees in Mathematics and Economics and is currently working on a Ph.D. in Systems Modeling and Analysis at VCU. When he’s not working with data, he can be found at the ice rink, or playing some other sport at an amateur level.

Kat Zaraf, Lead Programmer

Lead Programmer

Kat Zarfas

Kat has a degree in Statistics from Virginia Tech. While working on genetic research at the Mayo Clinic, she realized quickly that she was much more suited to coding and working with statisticians than being one. As the Lead Programmer at Inkling Intelligence, Kat coaxes information from databases to the screen in a variety of shiny formats, from tables to maps and beyond. When she is not knee-deep in code, she can be found outside, with her kids, or pursuing the perfect cup of coffee. She feels incomplete without her Kindle on hand.

Jonathan Kuhn, President, riding a camel


Jonathan Kuhn

Epitomizing Tolkien’s phrase, all who wander are not lost, Jonathan is on a journey to less explored worlds of data. He obtained his Ph.D. in statistics from The University of South Carolina. Since then he has been a professor at James Madison University, trained a data analytics team in Dhaka, Bangladesh, hunted genes at the Virginia Institute of Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics, learned the ins and out of Medicaid and pharma’s data taxonomy, lead a team of statisticians at Magellan Health and even warded off pharmaceutical theft while leading Richmond Analytics. Otherwise, he enjoys time with his family, travel and inventing modern electronic devices which invariable look like modern Rube Goldberg Machines.

Our mission

To facilitate excellence and integrity by providing customized numerate solutions as disciplined scientists.