What we are

What we are

What we are

Inkling Intelligence is an employee owned data science company with a focus on providing small and mid-sized companies a competitive advantage in the modern economy by generating actionable insights through a rapidly iterative analysis of data.

Data Science?
Seems vague. Isn't that like saying you do 'art'?

What data science mean to us

It’s unearthing efficiencies buried in massive [and sometimes minuscule] amounts of information often contained in disjointed sources.

It’s leveraging the unique capabilities of modern computers to run numerical experiments never before possible.

It’s the aggregation of four distinct skill sets:

  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Statistics and Mathematics
  • Writing and Presentation

It’s the meteor that will render giant unresponsive companies extinct and the tool that will help nimble ones evolve, compete and thrive in the digital era we’ve only begun to enter (*gasp for breath).

The four pillars of data science

When our powers combine...

There are many flavors of ‘Data Scientists’ and our team at Inkling spans the spectrum.

  • Programming
  • Data Engineering
  • Statistics and Analytics
  • Visualization and Presentation